I didn’t start until my senior year.  However, that was when the spark for what you see today was created. I can remember so clearly stealing weights from my father’s room, while he was at work, locking myself in my room and training for hours doing push-ups, crunches, bicep curls and pull-ups. I did those things with the goal of gaining confidence and validation from my peers and coaches.

It wasn’t until I attended and graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2015, that I began to realize who I am becoming. As I grew physically and mentally, I began to notice the tremendous impact I was having on the known lives around me and the unknown. When my presence alone showed me that I possessed the ability to change someone’s day, I knew I was given something special. I had aspirations of becoming a cardiologist growing up and helping people in that way. However, I have now dedicated my life to giving people like you, not only the body that you want, but the mentality that you will need to sustain in it. GioPrimeCoaching is more than fitness. It is about health in its totality.

A threshold is a means of entry, a place or point of beginning, the point or level at which a physical or mental effect begins to be produced. We cross a multitude in life: wedding night, getting the job, holding that comment, or just starting. 

The first threshold I crossed on my journey was of my father’s room to steal his weights. Like any beginner I grinded, it was uncomfortable, and results weren’t pleasing…because they weren’t for me. Years later as I left the University of South Carolina in 2015, I realized I met everyone’s expectations except my own. External validation is a helluva high, but I promise self-acceptance is even greater. It took my adolescence and a degree, but it finally clicked that my results are for me.

I had to change my mind before I could change my body. There’s no frills, everything you see is “straight natty bro,” I’m no one special (only to Mama Gio that is), I’ve built myself and my business atop setbacks, failures, and disappointment. But isn’t that life? I went from a scrawny bullied kid to an average football player to what you see now. What you see on Instagram is that same kid after loads of application and discipline, sacrifice and sweat...but also fun and fellowship. Just because I’ve changed physically and mentally doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the process, the many mentors, and countless friends I’ve made along the way. 

At GioPrimeCoaching, the pump is just a by-product, I train the whole body, mind, and soul. The door to your future is open, we all pass through at one time…at our time. Who you are on the other side is where I come in. If I can change your mind, I can change your body!

My name is Gio, what’s your threshold?

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The glowing testimonials I have received so far have given me a huge amount of satisfaction and encouragement coupled with seeing my clients joy as they progress and achieve their goals.